Download & Install Bestgram App for PC (Windows 11 & Mac)

bestgram-for-pc-free-downloadThere are numerous messaging applications that are aimed at improving communications. The most common include Telegram and WhatsApp. Almost all of these chat apps are for Android phones and it can be difficult to find one that has the Windows or Mac version.

In case you haven’t heard of Bestgram, we introduce it to you and share what the app is all about. Since this is an Android application, if you need to download it on your PC, you must use an emulator. Here are some instructions that you can follow to download the application on your PC.

About the Bestgram app

In simple terms, Bestgram is a messaging app for Android with the Telegram API. You will see that this application and Telegram will have similar characteristics as they share the same API. If you have used Telegram before then Bestgram will be easy to use. In addition, Bestgram has access to Telegram’s servers, allowing you to access additional Telegram services and functions.


Bestgram is not your usual messaging app as it has many unique features that you can enjoy. Let’s take a look at some features below;

1. make your chats private

There are some messages that you would like to hide. Especially if they are children, you may want to hide sensitive content. Bestgram makes it possible for you to choose the types of messages you want to keep private on your phone. This feature is rare to find in other messaging apps.

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The hidden chat feature removes your selected message from the main page so that when someone opens your Bestgram app, they cannot see the chat. They will only see the chats that you have allowed.

2. Customize the interface to your liking

Bestgram allows you to customize the application by changing the fonts and themes and designing it to your liking. This feature gives you the opportunity to create your application and customize it for yourself. There are many themes and fonts available that you can choose from to change the overall look of the application.

3. First message

Your first talk with someone is an unforgettable event and you want to remember it for as long as you want. However, you will find that some common applications do not allow you to keep the first message for long. Fortunately, Bestgram lets you enjoy remembering how you started a conversation with your friend or loved one.

How to download the Bestgram application for PC

As mentioned above, Bestgram is an Android application that you can download from the Google Play store. However, sometimes you may need to work on a larger screen. To download it to your computer, you will need an emulator. In this article we are going to use Bluestacks as it is the most reliable and popular;


  • Download Bluestacks on your PC.
  • Go to the Google Play store.
  • Search for the Bestgram app.
  • Click ‘install’.


Using a new messaging app that has additional features compared to the app you are used to is an exciting experience. Bestgram is a good messaging app if you want to replace your old messaging app. The hidden message feature is very useful, especially if you always need to put a password on your phone.

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