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Developer Bulat Ziganchine
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FreeArc is a software package that will help users to compress some files into a simpler format. This can be useful if the operating system is running slowly or when large files need to be sent quickly to many recipients. Thanks to the open-source nature of this bundle, users do not need to pay for downloads. Also, Freearc is the same software as WinRAR, but Freearc can shrink files, for example, files with size of 200MB can be 10MB. Therefore, it works 2-5 times faster than the best program of each compression class while maintaining the same compression ratio. Also, you must try to use this app at least once. Looks fantastic and has all the features you would want. Also, if you want more information about it, you can read the details below.


Main function of FreeArc

FreeArc is known for its high level of compression. Apart from any technicalities, this basically means that even large files can be edited in a short time. Such features are not often found in free compression software. Some of the algorithms used during the conversion process include PPMD, LZMA, and GRzip. The main advantage of this method is that the compression rate will remain the same and hence the quality of the file will not be compromised. This is often a problem when dealing with HD videos or complicated graphics.

Additional Features

FreeArc can work with many other functional compression software packages such as PAQ, UDA, Precomp and ECM. This guarantees greater flexibility. It won’t require a lot of internal memory or RAM, so it could be a good alternative for other programs that can negatively impact performance levels. Moreover, this software can support almost all necessary files such as ZIP, ARC, 7Z, RAR, ARJ, CAB, GZ, LZH and BZ2. With these features, I recommend you to use this application as your default compression software.

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Latest version of FreeArc
Latest version of FreeArc

The benefits of FreeArc software

  • Freearc is open source software and no payment is required

This is the first advantage of using this compression as the default program. You don’t need to buy anything to get the best features from this software.

  • FreeArc is one of the fastest file compressors on the market today

It can run 2-5 times faster than the best program in each compression class while maintaining the same compression ratio. By all means, this app will honor your time in terms of process. Thus, you no longer need to waste your time waiting for the program to finish the job.

Cons of FreeArc Software

  • The latest version of this software is 4 years old. Unfortunately, the last update of this app was 4 years ago.
  • It may not support the latest type file. This software may not support the new file type. This is because the latest version of this app is already old.

Download the latest version of FreeArc