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Wondering how to stop someone from copying your stuff and taking all the credit? Don’t worry too much! Copy protection helps you with this. Copy protect is a copy protection software designed to save your videos, audios, images and documents in an easy and workable way. It is also software whose purpose is to prevent duplication of data as well as to restrict unauthorized distribution.

Copy protection
Copy protection

One of the excellent means provided by copy protection to accomplish its goal is the ability to convert all supported formats into executable applications running on particular devices. Therefore, none will be able to open your exe files through another PC or drive.

What you need to know about copy protection

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Ability to create read-only exe files

The first thing you need to know about Copy Protect is its ability to create read-only exe files. Once you convert the files to exe files and prepare for a certain device, the files will not be available on other devices. Unlike other data protection software that requires setting a password, copy protection does not require a password to set up.

Ability to work on all types of CDs, DVDs and USB drives

The second capacity offered by this software is the possibility of working on all types of CDs, DVDs and USB keys. No limitation included when you are going to prepare your protected exe copy. In addition to optimizing this functionality, you will be able to create the files on CD, DVD or USB.

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Integrated image and document viewer

The copy protection software is also complemented by the built-in image and document viewer functionality. This feature will allow you to read your protected files by viewing the files especially images and documents. This is great since you can easily open your protected files.

Built-in player

Since your files or folders can also contain audio and video files, this software also includes a built-in player. This feature definitely aims to open your copy-protected audios and videos.

Copy protection Latest version
Copy protection Latest version

Playlist option

With Playlist option, you can organize and manage all your media files to easily search and find your desired copied protected data. Just include your files in the playlist option to organize your data well.

Operating system

Copy protection is definitely compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc. This software is also compatible with different file system including FAT, FAT32 and NTFS. So, this compatibility will ensure that this software is quite easy with the requirements.


Finally, we can come to the conclusion that Copy Protect is quite necessary to process the purpose of preventing data from being copied by an authorized person. Considering the 6 features we just shared above, it is clear that there will be no duplication of files as long as you take this software.