Download ATK Package Latest Version for Windows

Developer Asus
Licence Free software
Cut 11.27 MB
To download Free download

Download the latest version of the ATK package for Windows – What is the ATK package? Based on the real definition, this application is a set of utilities that provides the ability to maximize the Fn button on your computer keyboard. It is also known as utility software package on ASUS laptop.

Simply, it is the licensed or free software which is produced for windows platform from computer driver without any obstruction.

Asus ATK plan
Asus ATK plan

Dealing with the function, this application is designed for the purpose of creating PC communication with the connected devices. It can also manage configuration settings such as 3D graphics, unmodified locking, and setting hotkeys.

What you need to know about the ATK package

Here we have selected 2 points on the app that you necessarily know. These two selected points alone are representative enough to fill your empty idea about the ATK package. Consult them as soon as possible to obtain the information.

Features and Highlights

The first thing you need to know about ATK Package is about features and highlights. Often people tend to check the functionality of the application or software before installing it on their computer. in this case, the first feature and highlight of this application is the inclusion of drivers intended for laptops or notebooks. This means that when using laptops or notebooks, you will be able to use the drivers added by ATK Package.

The second is the ZIP files which are almost formed by the drivers. Installing the ATK package allows you to be able to extract the contents to a folder.

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The third feature and highlight of the application is the ability to uninstall the old version and install the new version when you encounter an error message. It looks like you can only use this feature when error messages appear. Now you might be thinking how easy this app is for you to install and uninstall.

Latest version of the ATK package
Latest version of the ATK package

Compatibility and license

The next thing to know about ATK Package is compatibility and license. Since this application is available for all software as a free download, it is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 Vista and XP on both 32-bit and 64-bit configurations. This is great especially when you have one of the Windows mentioned. Well, that means you can consider installing this application because of the compatibility of this application with most types of Windows.

Licensed as freeware for Windows with 32-bit and 64-bit, it offers you a set of useful utilities so that you can optimize your computer keyboard, especially the Fn button. With this license you will be able to work with the best performance of a computer you use.


Finally, you can conclude that ATK Package must also be installed on your laptop as well as your computer. Due to its compatibility, you don’t have to worry since it works almost on all Windows platforms.