Can I run Path of Exile in Windows 11? System Requirements

This article shows whether you can run Path of Exile on Windows 11 and its system requirements. Follow the tutorial, you will see if you can run Path of Exile on Windows 11.

Path of Exile is very good, the content of the game is rich, the bd is free, when you try to make the bd yourself, you will find that the bd you think with your brain is not only not powerful, but not as good as others . BDs are various BDs created by some amazing players. Most of the players copy the task. One is Blizzard teaches you how to play, and the other is some elite players. For normal gamers, their game of aprg is to understand. After learning the content of the game, find a set of bd and go to graduate with this bd. I think it doesn’t matter if the bd comes with him or what the player thinks. There are many arpgs on the market that have been thought of, and not a few come out after the poe, but how many are imitating the poe?

For Path of Exile, I took the activation code to play before, but couldn’t find the feeling, but it’s really hard and you can study it yourself. This is precisely the way that a lot of time needs to be spent.

Path of Exile is really going to explode, not suitable for older people. But there is no denying that its content, plot, gameplay and playability are better than Diablo 3. But very unfriendly for newbies.

Path of Exile hardware requirements

Minimum requirements Recommended Requirements
PROCESSOR: Supports x86 quad-core 2.6GHz PROCESSOR: 3.2 GHz quad-core x64 compatible
GRAPHICS: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti or ATI Radeon ™ HD 7850 GRAPHICS: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or ATI Radeon ™ RX560
DIRECTX: Version 11 DIRECTX: Version 11
NETWORK: Broadband Internet connection NETWORK: Broadband Internet connection
ADDITIONAL NOTES- ADDITIONAL NOTES: Solid state storage is recommended.

Path of Exile system requirements

The official website tells us that Path of Exile is compatible with Windows 7/8/10.

Can I run Path of Exile on Windows 11?

Although Grinding Gear Games does not say that POE is compatible with Windows 11, I can run Path of Exile on Windows with no problem. There is no incompatible problem during POE playback. But there is something you should notice: I install Windows 11 after system partition format, not upgraded from Windows 10 or earlier versions of Windows systems.

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