Angry Birds Free Download for PC Windows

Download Angry Birds for PCHere I share a process that will help you to play this free casual game on your Mac and Windows.

Angry Birds is a Finnish action-adventure media series developed by Rovio Entertainment. Angry Birds Film 2 is the sequel to the first Angry Birds film.

Angry Birds for PC
developer rovio entertainment
Size 73MB
Updated 31 January 2024
Version 2.54.0
Requirements Windows 7, 8 or 10
downloads 100,000,000+
download now

The story follows a group of angry birds to rescue their eggs from their enemies, green colored pigs in Angry Birds PC Game.

The game has been praised for its compelling combination of enjoyable gameplay, fun aesthetics, and affordable prices inspired by Crush the Castle.

Its success spawned a host of spin-offs, including versions of Angry Birds for PC and video game consoles, starring characters. Angry Birds PC Game Toons is actually a TV cartoon series and two movies based on the Angry Birds series.

As of January 2014, there were already over 2 billion downloads across all platforms, including regular and special editions.

The games in the series had been cumulatively downloaded over 3 billion times as of July 2015, making it the most downloaded freemium game series of all time.

The first Angry Birds game for PC has been described as “one of the biggest games available right now”, “one of the biggest hits of 2010”.

And the biggest smartphone game success the world has seen in a long time. The first video game successor to the main series is Angry Birds 2.

On December 31, 2009, the first iOS version game was released. Because the swine flu pandemic was in the news at the time, the staff opted to make pigs the antagonists of Angry Birds.

The Angry Birds PC game was ported to different touchscreen smartphone operating systems, including Android, by the company.

All previous Angry Birds games except Friends were canceled and removed from app stores in early 2019, except Bad Piggies which was added in early 2020.

How to play Angry Birds on PC? (Free) → Method 1

Now, to install this free casual game on our PC, we need to use Android emulator because there is no official version available on Windows or Mac Store.

Follow the step by step process to install Angry Birds on our Windows computer or PC.

  • First, we need an android emulator, you can use any of its options, but here I am going to use bluestacks.
Search Puzzle Video Game
  • Download the emulator from the official website, install it on your PC and complete the Google login process.
Install Angry Birds on PC
  • Next, open the Play Store app and search for Angry Birds game on PC and select the official game.
Open puzzle video game
  • Click the install button and it will automatically start installing this free casual game on your emulator.
Angry Birds Windows game
  • Once the game is installed, you can see the Angry Birds icon on your desktop, click on it to start the Game.
Play Angry Birds on PC
  • The game screen will look like the screenshot below, but may be different if you are using a different version.
Download Angry Birds for PC

This is the first method to download, install and play Angry Birds on PC with Windows computers.

If you want to play this Angry Birds game on Mac, the installation process will be the same as Windows.

Game FAQ

Here I have covered some frequently asked questions that can help you to download or use Angry Birds on your PC.

Is the Angry Birds game free?

Yes, there are many versions of this game available for free and you don’t have to pay anything to play it.

Can I play Angry Birds on my PC?

Yes, you can play this game on your PC but for that, you may need an Android emulator like Bluestacks.

Is Angry Birds an offline game?

Yes, you can play this game offline and there is no need for WiFi or internet connection to play this game.

Is Angry Birds free for PC?

Yes, if you are playing this free casual game on PC with android emulator then you can play it for free.

Who is the owner of Angry Birds?

All these games are owned by the Rovio Entertainment company and its headquarters are located in Finland.

Here are some frequently asked questions about this free casual game. If you like it, let me know in the comment box.

Download Angry Birds for PC (Windows) → Method 2

You may get an error while downloading Angry Birds game from play store.

So, in this method, we will use the apk file of this free casual game and install it on the emulator.

  • The first step is to download, install and open the Android emulator and complete all the other steps.
  • You can skip the Google login process because we are going to use the Angry Birds apk file to install the game.
  • Next, get an apk file, drag and drop the file to the Android emulator to start the installation.
  • It will start the installation of Angry Birds on PC when we install the Game on our Android devices.
  • Once it is installed, you can use this free casual game on PC as we discussed in our previous method.

Here I used the Angry Birds apk file and installed it on the Windows computers so that you can do the same.

Features of Angry Birds game for PC

Before downloading and using this game, check out our features below to get more ideas about this free casual game.

  • Red is a stranger on an island populated by the happiest birds on the planet with Angry Birds PC Game.
  • His pessimism has put him at odds with the other birds, but a little pessimism may be just what they need.
  • Chuck’s entire body is continuously moving at 100 miles per hour, including his mouth.
  • His obnoxious behavior and endless comments get him into a lot of trouble. Fortunately, he was quick enough to escape the difficulty.
  • A bomb is generally the calmest bird you will ever meet while using Angry Birds on PC. However, when you irritate him, he has a habit of snapping, speaking explosively.
  • This can have certain advantages, but Bomb has a hard time keeping its strength in check.
  • On Bird Island, Matilda is the leader of the Anger Manager class. She used to be an angry bird, but she has since learned her lesson. She always strives to maintain a positive and friendly attitude.
  • These green knights have a lot going for them in Angry Birds PC Game.
  • They like to throw parties, have impeccable dance moves, and can build structures. There is nothing strange about this!

The game would aim to get rid of all the pigs in the level. Players sling a limited number of birds in hopes of directly hitting opposing pigs. Or damage the surrounding buildings, causing the blocks to fall and crush the pigs.

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Here we have seen a total of two methods to download Angry Birds for PC and also covers how to play it on Windows.

Also, be sure to share this article on your social networks and with your friends. So they can also play this free casual game on PC.